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We are all about getting the information out to consumers. It is more important to us that consumers get accurate information regarding home solar systems and renewable energy / alternative energy in general.

We will show you the benefits of a home solar system and a way to pay for it with money you would have paid your electric company with no money out of your pocket.

On top of that, the IRS will pay for 30% of your system from now until the end of the year!

Why Solar?

Why solar power

Learn some of the key reasons why solar electricity is a viable solution now.

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Solar Facts

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Learn about the cost facts, employment facts, & micro vs. string inverters.

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Basic information everyone needs to know about a solar system for their home 

Solar home

  • $0 money out of your pocket 
  • The money that you are currently using to pay your electric bill will pay for your system 
  • Basically, the electric company will pay for your system 
  • The IRS will pay for 1/3 of your system. Not getting a system by the end of 2019 means you leave 30% of the cost of your system on the table for the IRS: 
    -2020 - IRS pays 26% towards a solar system 
    -2021 - IRS pays 22% towards a solar system 
    -2022 - IRS pays 0% towards a solar system 

It is really a no-brainer to get a renewable energy system for your home this year!

The fight to get Solar into Florida

There was an ugly battle in Florida 2 years ago where the power company, their attorneys, and lobbyists put an amendment for the Florida voters to vote on solar.

The problem was that it was worded to sound like it was pro-solar but it was not for solar for residents, it was solar for power companies only...

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